Tape Hair Extensions At Gallo Hair

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Tape hair extensions

Tape hair extensions allow you to create glamorous hairstyles without pulling, tearing or the harmful effects of heat. Gallo Hair use 100% human hair extensions that  are the global leader and the highest quality tape extensions on the market.

Ultra thin adhesive strips

The new ultra-thin, 3cm wide and 7mm thick adhesive strips with high-quality, 100% Remy human hair can be attached to your natural hair in less than one hour by the specialised hairstylist. The adhesive has been tested and refined over many years and it does not cause skin irritations as it was originally developed for medical purposes.

Using the sandwich application method (sticking one tape strip over the other), a total of more than 400 colour combinations are possible with 22 natural hair colours available in the range.

Endless possibilities

Anything is possible – from natural-looking, fine strips to thick strands of highlights with extravagant effects.

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